Message from Management

Message from President & CEO

Mitsubishi Corporation Asset Management Ltd. President&CEO Toyota Watanabe

Mitsubishi Corporation Asset Management Ltd. (gMCAMh, renamed in October 2010 from the previous Mitsubishi Corporation Capital Ltd.) was incorporated in 1999 to act as a successor of the Asset Management and Merchant Banking Department of Mitsubishi Corporation, Japanfs leading General Trading Company (gSogo-Shosyah). Our current main business comprises provision of leading-edge financial products and services to such our customers as qualified institutional investors as well as proposing of investment strategies based on our in-depth knowledge and expertise to such our customers as pension funds, by taking advantage of the full four kinds of licenses held by us for the financial instruments exchange business.

At Mitsubishi Corporation, our parent organization, experience had been accumulated since the middle of the 1980fs as part of its investment activity in financial markets with its own funds as well as through investments into various funds such as hedge funds and private equity (PE) funds. These experiences had helped to develop a vast amount of expertise, knowledge and information base in the alternative investment area. Furthermore, a wide-ranged network with overseas leading financial institutions and fund managers too, was developed through the aforesaid investment related activities. Various investment activities had also been actively conducted in the area of real estate/movable property, corporate investments, infrastructure, commodities etc. by utilizing its global network and information base owned as a General Trading Company.

Such concept as fusion the worldwide various investment experiences and financial asset management knowledge conducted by Mitsubishi Corporation, have been certainly succeeded to MCAM. Thus and as a core strategic subsidiary in the Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group of Mitsubishi Corporation, we serve as the prime contact point for domestic investors towards their alternative investment actability.

We, at MCAM, will continue to focus on providing attractive products and services that match the various needs of customers, including provision of financial products, proposal of financial strategies etc. based on financial products in alternative areas as well as on real assets that only General Trading Companies can provide.