Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

Our Company established the “Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct” to build trust with our customers. We thrive to conduct customer-oriented business operations.

Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

Mitsubishi Corporation Asset Management Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”), as a member of the MC Group, and based on Our Company’s unique corporate values that inherit MC’s philosophy of “The Three Principles”, will aspire to become an asset management company to which our customers entrust their assets with confidence, in accordance to the following Policy. The status of our efforts relating to this Policy will be regularly announced and the Policy itself will be updated, in order to achieve our goal of exceptional customer-oriented business operations.

Pursuit of Customers’ Best Interests

- Our Company will strive to provide services in our customers’ best interests, through proposals of optimal investment opportunities and detailed monitoring services.

Appropriate Management of Conflicts of Interest

- Our Company identifies and categorizes transactions that may cause conflicts of interest. Based on the “Policy on Management of Conflicts of Interest”, which defines how to manage such conflicts, Our Company accurately recognizes and effectively manages possibilities of conflicts of interest, in order to avoid any disadvantages caused to our customers.

- The summary of “Policy on Management of Conflicts of Interest” is accessible via Our Company’s website.

Transparent Fees

- Our Company’s fees and expenses are set at a reasonable level, according to the content of the financial products and services provided to our customers. The fees can be confirmed through documentations such as explanatory materials of our financial products and services or individual contracts (including a Document for Delivery Prior to Conclusion of Contract).

- Our Company will continue to make efforts to be detailed and as comprehensive as possible on every fee paid by our customers.

Provision of Comprehensive and Important Information

- Our Company will provide our customers comprehensive and important information for their investment due diligence, including, basic profit (return), possible losses and risks, investment conditions, reasons for selection of the financial products and services, and possibilities of conflicts of interest etc.

- Our Company will seek to provide information that is clear, simple and not misleading, and in a faithful manner, in accordance to our customer’s investment experience financial knowledge, asset conditions, complexity of the financial products and services, and the degree of risk.

Provision of Appropriate Services

- Our Company will strive to understand each customer’s purpose of investment, needs, asset conditions, and will provide proposals of financial products and services which are considered appropriate, in light of the customers’ knowledge and experience. In order to ensure that our customers continue their investment with confidence, we will provide timely and appropriate reports as well as relevant information related to their investments.

- Our Company aims to accurately capture the global market environment and the latest trend and information surrounding alternative investments. We will provide financial products and services which meet the needs of our customers, and will pursue to develop financial products as a member of the MC Group.

Framework of Appropriate Incentives of Officers and Employees

- Our Company will enhance in-house education and training for the officers and employees to act in the best interest of our customers and to build deep knowledge of the financial products and services provided to our customers.

- Our Company will appropriately motivate officers and employees to pursue the best interests of our customers by incorporating customer satisfaction and compliance into our evaluation system, and not to be biased with the fee income.